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Is underfloor heating more expensive to run than radiators?
No, in fact floor heating, being a radiant heat coming from a low level is between 15 to 25% less to run, depending on ceiling heights, controls etc
How warm does the floor surface get?
A comfortable 24 to 27°C on average…not hot enough to notice unless you are walking in your bare feet…what could be more luxurious?
Is underfloor more expensive than radiators to install?
Usually, yes it is a little more expensive in the first instance but bearing in mind the lower running costs, higher comfort and added value to the building the extra outlay is well justified…and you won’t have to buy radiator covers! There are however some instances where floor heating is cheaper to fit too.
Can we mix floor heating and radiators?
Yes, the control systems and design allow hotter water for radiators, towel rails, whilst cooler water flows to the floors. Our heatpumps controls look after this and of course we have solutions for oil and gas too.
Can you control each room?
Yes, individual stats are usually placed in each room or area for this purpose.
What kind of floor coverings can be used?
Almost anything including stone, tiles, wood and carpet. Stone and tiles are thermally transparent and will give higher heat outputs – wood and carpet a little less. In well insulated modern buildings though, you don’t need the maximum outputs provided by the tiled floors for instance; the output from heated wooden floors is more than enough.
Is floor heating suitable for old buildings or restorations?
Yes, if you are prepared to lift the floorboards to fit it below or raise the floors in height a little (see our floor sections for details). Floor heating will not only preserve the look of an old building, but has a natural advantage over radiator heating where often there are high ceilings such as is typical in period buildings.

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